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International Case 235 Hydro 4 wd

LD Jones

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The 235 is kind of an orphan. It was before the compact tractor craze had started, so not many were sold.

Most likely you've got one shot at this. Odds are CaseIH does not handle parts for this tractor anymore. It was made by mitsubishi, so you might be able to do an end-around and get parts that way. Just sayin'.

As far as the oil, almost certainly, CaseIH would have specified their own hydraulic oil for the tractor. At the time I believe it was Hytran Ultra. Maybe it was long enough ago that it was Hytran Plus. Doesn't really matter. The current version of Hytran supplants all old versions and would be the recommended fluid.

What complicates things is that CaseIH has recently split from its long-time oil supplier, Viscosity Oil Inc. and has switched to Shell. Viscosity Oil still produces and markets "real" Hytran (Ultraction version). Shell's Hytran (Premium) is an entirely new product. Some/Many/Most(?) CaseIH dealers are still selling the Viscosity product.

Again, it's likely you've only got one shot at this. Yes, Hytran is expensive, but this tractor won't take that much, and it's not like you'll be changing it very often.

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Thanks for the information 


I was able to find Trans-Hydraulic oil for use in Case IH applications.

Says it meets the requirement of Hy-Tran Ultra

Harvest King brand 

Do you know of any Mitsubishi mechanics that may know about the tractor?

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I don't think there is such a thing as a "Mitsubishi mechanic" in all of the United States.

Mitsubishi isn't a brand that really made any inroads into North America that I'm aware of. Maybe some gray market machines made it over here, but not many.

You'd probably have to go overseas for parts. That's not as big a deal as it once was, with the Internet and modern shipping.

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Got a Mitsubishi 180D,gear drive 4wd.234 is its IH sister.But I bought it with bad motor thought no bigge getting parts from IH.I was wrong and IH engine displacement was 1hp less and rings pistons would not interchange. CIH said they are a tank of a tractor, tough made with iron but just hope things don't go wrong because parts are a nightmare if they are even available. I had to do a vast search heard many suppliers said no way,but found one way down south that had OH kit with pistons,rings.700 bucks for kit and the 3 little pistons no bigger then soda can.I thought Mitsubishi, big name ,no problem but I was wrong.

But it's been a great little lawn mower tractor and IH said they were built like real tractors because they farmed in rice patties and were used like work tractors not some tin tractor supply or green painted lawn mower.

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