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8930 Churched Up

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How many hours on this 8930 do you think? It belongs to a friend of ours. Paint is original except for the wheels, which we had just painted in this picture. He asked us to church up all his tractors for him last fall. He couldn't believe it was the same tractor when he came to get it. Guesses on the hours?


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2 minutes ago, 1586 Jeff said:

Show me the drawbar and the pedals!!!

You know... my 20k hr 7140 vs my 9000 hr 8930.... the pedals really aint that dif.  Draw bar yes....mixer box beat the 7140s up.  




my 12000 8930 (repainted wheels too) and looks about the same as this one

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7 hours ago, INTERNATIONAL 1466 said:

That is the closest guess we have had. It's a little less than that last I checked. Honestly it handles like a 2500 hour one. It gets used, but not abused.

All about the care................Knew a 4450 from a potato farmer south of us that had 14k on it, the guys who run the farm shop are anal and they wax the back sides of sheet metal on all the equipment when they take it off to do the front sides.  Anyhow, you could have eat off the inside of it.  They sold it, new owner ran it to 17k and took good care of it.  Sold it to someone else north of me and its still going, don't know how many hours are on it now.  They supposed to still have one 4450 left, late one with the Deere MFD axle...........It has high hours too but it is really nice, I seen it at the dealer for some work a few years back, got my mirror out.............Underside of the hood was shiney!  Acouple Deere techs have told me if you think those 44's were nice, you should see the 8300's they have! 

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