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Far far in the future she says Lol


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7 minutes ago, lorenzo said:


"Jetson's"  in real life!...... Living The Futuristic Dream....Was Picking Rocks by hand with my Grandkids in the soybean field yesterday, 

 Used My Cell phone to call the skid steer driver to Empty the rock bucket into the Dump truck Box and "Come Dig Out This Big One"!!

Boy That's Progress in Use on the Farm!!

Thanks For The News Article,  Jim Droscha 

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Telling of mankind....

1970.... in 50 yrs you will carry a small device capable of contacting people just about any place on Earth instantaneously. Weighing just a few ounces, it will have more computing power than all the computers aboard the Apollo spacecraft combined. Not only will it give you access to nearly all written information from human history, but it will allow you to gather more information in pictures and videos and share them with the whole of mankind in real time. You will use this device for access and management of most all personal aspects of life....

2020..... The top 3 most accessed websites by mobile devices are porn sites.

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