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Tractor of the week # 10 1256

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Hey, finally one of these I can participate in! I bought this in November 2008 at what was a bank sale. Guy had a few good years baling hay with paid for older red stuff, then ran out and "bought" all new green stuff and things dried up for him... Anyway, for $5,550 I brought it home. 6k on the tach, I suspect it had a cab originally at some point with all the holes in the cowl and a sticker about maintaining clearance between tires and cab wall - also fenders are white under the red paint, suspect they came off a 1206? Anyway, didn't appear she was used too hard and she's been a good horse for us. She's developed some more leaks and really could use an overhaul at this point, but we don't use it that often anymore, if it gets 50 hours a year these days that's doing something. Hope to get a total resto done to it one of these days.

First pic was pretty near when I got it home. Added the K&M steps and have since added a hand rail. Second pic with an old JD Surflex working terraces around Christmas 2019. Third is my 11 yr old niece, she says the 1256 is her favorite tractor.




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8 hours ago, Long Farms said:

@Redpower1256 Eddy, any info at that sale if it sold new at a deareship around us or if it was bought at SouthWest Auction prior? 

No idea Brian. I couldn't get much info out of the guy - he wasn't in much of a friendly mood to say the least.

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Just now, nepoweshiekfarmalls said:

Here is a beautiful 1256, owned by forum member Smoker1.


Mr. Long put this beauty together.   My dream is to put one together just like this!


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lotta nice 12s out there


this one is still my favorite hay cutting tractor.  Growing up, there weren't any big 56 series in my neighborhood.  In  the early  1990s  I watched one sell on a farm sale in Wisconsin  and when that 407 rumbled to life I made up my mind right then someday I was going to have one of my own.   It took a few years but I've had this '68 model almost half its life already.  Scary how time moves

DSC00917 (2).JPG

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