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Hydraulic capacity

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I'm considering updating my main tractor which is a 5288 2wd. I don't necessarily need more HP as I've got the 52 at 200hp which works really well for my equipment. The thing I really need is something with more hydraulic flow, plus I'd like to get into a fwa. My question is what series do I need to be looking at? If I understand everything, the 7100 series magnum has about the same hydraulic system as my 52. What about the 7200 series or the 8900 series? Was there a flow increase on them? I'm not interested in going any newer than the 8900 series. Thanks for any information. 

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It seems like the 8900s had slightly better hydraulics but it was a very marginal improvement.  If you need noticeably better hydraulics than your 5288 you will have to step up to a MX series or go with a pto driven pump.

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