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Tractor of the week # 9 5488

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This week we are looking at the mighty 5488. The 5488 has been one of my favorite IH's since they came out when I was a kid. While we do not yet have a 5488 we hope to own one eventually. I always liked the the All Wheel Drive models the best, but there is a soft spot for a two wheel drive with the big 16.5L's on the front too! I have three pictures this time. The first is from IH sales literature, and the other two are 54's that caught my eye. Some of you may even know who belongs to that All Wheel Drive with all that rubber! Once again, let's see your 54's and hear about your ownership. Bring on the eye candy y'all!




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DROOL !!!!

The ultimate tractor IH made ... or one of the best

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Hello , Here are pictures of a 5488 tractor from a French collector. Photos I took in the southwest of France 4 years ago. Very rare tractor in France, only for collection.






Big black smoke when starting in the morning ?


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Since you are covering the 5488, and this tractor just had its 36th birthday the other day, I’ll share some pictures of the 5488 that should never have been built...the last tractor built at Farmall. 




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My 5488.  Had it several years now.  Dad loved it!  So do I!  Beautiful lines and color scheme.  It gets to pull the second field cultivator and 9 shank disk chisel.  I have used it to put NH3 on.  Put it on the 12 row cultivator so dad would run it once.  Worked great on the silage chopper.  Had to overhaul it a few years ago.  Everyone likes to run it.  I put a ez steer in it.  That intercooled 466 cranks out some horsepower!  



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