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Timber clearing and seeding

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I just got done with this project today , took out about 1 acre of trees , cleaned it at up with the land plane and seeded it with the old trusty IH 620 drill that we converted to use on my skidloader . The land plane just got its 3 reinforcement job , that skidloader is just plane mean on it 😳😂😂 I took it to another job this afternoon and did some finish work around a new pond I built and hit a cut off stump , it passed the test , Danny hit the front window /plastic 😳 all good 👍😊







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Nice job, all with a dozer blade, no rake?

In all fairness Danny the window is probably only 4” away with you in the cab, glad the plane withstood the test

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Looks nice Danny!  I bet the drill works really well like that. 

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 Danny.....re your trip forward into the window........That is why a lot of old Grader operators have big nose's......and why the Johnny D   grader department, now  have the cab's designed so the operator can not stand up......

My own personal  nose DNA, and blood type,    was left in the middle of the window,  of  an   Aveling  Barford    6x6   grader...many years ago..... it still hurts even thinking about it...:(


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