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51 L-150 Brake drums.


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I have reached out to the guys at oldIHtrucks, they are looking into it. 

I did talk to the guys at Dura brake they found the old Budd part numbers and said


I checked these part numbers and found them in an old book, but could not find anything that crosses with any of our part numbers. I found by dimension and searched but nothing matched. 


We can custom make this but require a minimum order of 8 pieces. Price is approximately $450 each and lead time is 5-6 months currently. We would need to borrow a used sample for 1 week in order to reverse engineer it. Let me know if you would like to explore this further. 


So I’m still on the hunt for at least the rear brake drums. 




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There is a few companies that will install a new wear surface in your drums ,  Give me a little time and I will post link here.

Meanwhile try searching "brake drum relining"

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