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Early 414 Engine Blocks

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An observation I've found and would like to know more info.

The first 2 pics are both 414s out of 1066s. One with remnants or red silicone I was putting a clutch and TA in, 7882 block s/n. Bare block 414 was getting water in oil, 2536 block s/n.  

3rd pic was from what I'd guess was a 1066 also and at least a clutch job. And I'm guessing was also a quite early block.

All 3 of these blocks have a pattern of drilled and tapped holes (5/16 NC) with 2 plain/smooth holes. 

My assumption is that the pattern was for an aluminum rear main seal retainer like a german diesel has. But I have never seen any pics or parts that actual prove that. 

These are the only 3 blocks I've seen like this out of many many I've had apart.




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Before IH's construction division started the 300/400 series engine program, they had planned on using the existing Neuss engine series across the product lines.  They did a study and determined that the Neuss engines didn't have enough power potential for the 1970 US diesel engine market and decided to create a new engine series starting in 1966 to be ready for production by 1969.  Production delays resulted in the engines first being available in Dec. of 1970.  One of their goals was to make the 300 series engines interchangeable with the Neuss engines, so it would make sense that they would have anticipated using a similar seal carrier.  I have a document with prototype 400 series engine pictures, but none show the crank/flywheel side of the engine without a flywheel installed.  Based on pictures of the Phase 1 engine design, I can see a lot of resemblance to the Neuss D358.  Also, it looks like the hole pattern might be shown in the GSS-1427 engine manual on page 1-181, but the picture is pretty dark and blurry.


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That is neat. That engine does look similar to a German diesel in many respects. 

As far as removing the bolt holes in the block for the rear main seal retainer, was that about the same time they changed the block from using an expanding plug(or Welch plug I believe some call it) behind the rear camshaft bearing and went to using that quad ring/square o-ring setup that most 400 series IHs had?  I’ve only seen one engine like that in all my years...never noticed the extra bolt holes for the different style of rear main seal retainer. 

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3 hours ago, nepoweshiekfarmalls said:

I am glad they went with a larger engine oil cooler than what the prototype has!

I don't think that's an oil cooler, looks like they were going to use an oil pump driven off the front cover like a German, so that's simply an oil supply tube from the pump to the filter head.

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