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Fluids for Dresser TD9H

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What fluids are recommended for the Dresser TD9H?

I'm guessing (since I don't have a maintenance manual),.....

Rottella 15w/40 for the engine?

Hytran for the transmission and hydraulics?


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My Case IH service manager started in on a sermon when I asked if I really needed to run SAE-30 in my 250 track loader with an IH 429 engine. I let them talk me into buying it. I have John Deere 15W-40 in bulk on my farm and I think I’m just going to put that in it the next time I change the oil. How many people you ask, will determine how many opinions you will get. The trans. and hydraulic in mine call for 10W engine oil. I could not find any locally and every oil supplier I talked to told me to just put a modern Trans/Hydraulic oil in it. So mine has John Deere Hy Guard in it. The transmission oil is also a much debated topic on older machines, however yours may be new enough that the manual may call for HyTran. 

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Several years back I made the transition in all my equipment from 30w to Rottella 15-40 and it cut my oil consumption in half. I agree the H is new enough for Hytran.  

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