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Good for another couple million blows

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I have an old Abrasive Manufacturers (I think that is their name) surface grinder.  It does have auto feed and a magnetic chuck, but the coupler for the motor is beginning to go bad and looks to be a mother to get to.  It is powered by leather belts and has the old glass oilers.  It still works OK though.

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I was wondering if one of those would show up before this ended.  My uncle was given one never used it that I know of.  His grand kids think it's worth millions or put it in a load of scrape. One extream  or the other.  You ring maker or you just got the pic?  

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16 hours ago, nomorejohndeere said:

Have you got one of these

Nope,  I have had the chance to buy a few here and there.  A buddy has one. Cone mandrels are interesting but don’t get used that much from what I’ve seen. Handy for making rings as @ray54 says. They seem to wear large price tags and not sell often.  That one you pictured is a $3-400 piece in my opinion but is probably being sold for $700+. You can make a lot of bending jigs for that kind of money....?

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