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345ci Engine with 5 speed Transmission

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This engine I removed from a good running 1970s COE 1650 truck.  California would  not register it.  Anyone interested?




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Any truck 10 yrs  old can not be registered and has to be sold for scrap or taken out of state.  The truck cannot reenter California or it will be impounded.  That is why truckers with older units do not want to go to California.  If you trade one in at a dealer they have to punch a hole in the block to make it non runnable and then sold for scrap.  The VIN numbers are recorded for the AQMD and the state.

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What a waste. And in this era they talk of extracting a true life out of something and not be a throw away society. Double standards in my book and not very genuine

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On 5/15/2021 at 6:23 PM, bigequip said:

Probably cost around $500

The rate to a residence  is $609.23 with XPO Logistics on a 4 day estimated transit.

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