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1 hour ago, jimw said:

 Sure like to have had this one


Be still my beating heart!!!!!!!!


The rotary screen in front of the radiator just completes the outfit.

 That just makes me want to go pick up swaths, RIGHT NOW!!!

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Matt , I pre delivered the last new 1586 at our dealership that looked just like the one in the picture , our customer bought two that time , a new 786 open station and and the 1586 with western interior . Here is the best part of this story , the guy still has them and there sitting in the shed he built for them and there brand new and he gets them out a couple times a year and runs them and puts them back in the shed . He was all red on his farm and was retiring early and bought these as an investment I’m guessing was his plan , I’m thinking it was a good one 👍😎


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That tri-stripe 1586 brings back a lot of memories. Neighbor bought one brand-new in the summer of 1981; looked just like that one except his had the suitcase weights and the rear fender lights. Ran it numerous times through the years when my brother and I would help the neighbor on occasion. It was pretty much a tillage tractor as he also had a 3588 2+2 that he did most of the row crop with. 

That was in the early 1980s when the gvmt. was paying farmers to idle land to limit crop production to get rid of the nation's grain surplus. Most of my time running the 1586 was working summerfallow with a 35' IH 55 chisel plow with sweeps. Like anybody that ran a 15, it would have been handy to have the extra gear for tillage work. Other big problem with his 15 was its tendency to over heat when the temperature was above 90 degrees or so. The 2+2 could run hard all day and never get close to being too warm. Tried several things on the 15 to get it to run cooler; finally one day I had the operator's manuals for both tractors open and I stumbled upon something interesting...the 2+2 had much bigger cooling system capacity(34 qts. vs. 26qts IIRC). The 1586 only had about 2 more quarts than the 1086 we had at that time, but was rated 30 more HP. I always thought that if the 15 could get the power to the ground, it was a little more power than the 2+2, but the 2+2 could usually hold its own.

I can still remember our IH dealer feeling pretty good about things when my neighbor bought that 15. IIRC, they sold 3 new 86 series in about a week....the 15 to my neighbor, a new 1486 tri-stripe to another neighbor, and a 1086 to another customer that bought a lot of machinery from them. That was probably the last time my IH dealer sold 3 tractors in such a short time. I still say that's why my IH dealer sold very few 50 series IH tractors a few years later....the country was full of late-model 86s when the farm crisis came along in the mid-1980s....nobody needed any machinery at that time.

Between that 1586, Dad's 1086, and the neighbor's 2+2 I thought I had it made back then when I got to run any of those tractors. How times have changed.

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