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IH 606 questions

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I am going to look at a 606 next weekend. Based off the pictures it has a TA but is in seemingly excellent condition. My question is how different is this from a 460. This particular one is 1967 manufactred which i thought they were doing the 656 then. This model looks to have the TA style transmission and gas motor. Is there any thing I should pay special attention to for these models. Hopefully I can get some info from you fine gentlemen. 




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i believe the steering was an improvement over the 460   other than that i dont know    good units though       may want to look at front axle play with that loader on it     good luck

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I have owned 3 of them. They are a beast. Tough little buggers. I would be surprised if it did not have a loader on it. Seemed to be their primary duty.  If it is a gas tractor it is very important to have all the heat shields in place for the long intake pipe. It wraps around the rear of the block and close to the Exhaust Manifold. If the heat shields are missing the engine was probably rebuilt ( good thing). Get Header Wrap and wrap the intake pipe to keep it cool. 

Its a bonus if the exhaust goes through the hood. Underslung 6 cyl puts a lot of exhaust on a rear tire and make the operator hot. 

PTO lever is not in the beat location but not terribly bad. IF you need to pull the Torque amplifier lever to shift without grinding, adjust your clutch.

2000 IH loader is a good match for it. but you will want to load the rear tires. 

Has Dry brakes. easy to access for maint. 

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606's have a c221 gas like 460's but a different cylinder head and pistons with higher compression-and a few more HP

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