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So yesterday my two sons went to an auction and a MF1155 hauled one of them home. They started right away trying to sort out all the various ailments, one of the issues was all of the moldings around the glass has shrunk leaving air / dust gaps where the molding meets. A swarm of bees could find the way in, no problem. After pricing all new molding and weighing the probability of having to buy some new glass they opted to think on it first. This morning the oldest said he had a solution, he masked off the  affected areas leaving the 3/8 to 1/2" gaps open on one the outside and masked over the gap on the inside. He filled those gaps with black 3M window urethane ,smoothed them out and it looks pretty good, it sure filled the gaps nicely.  I feel like it should last without shrinking. Guess we will see. Thirty dollar tube that was only partially used is the down side.

Tomorrow order some lights and grommets, as there is only one working light on the old beast. Price some Fehr interior and look for seat cushion options.

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That sounds like a legitimate and excellent fix to me. $30 for a tube seems good to, I think I gave $30 years ago. Are used to use it as a sealer when mounting sunvisors to truck cabs. (Try removing it.....and I found out that it is a serious glue and nearly made  bolts and screws unnecessary!)

I have used the window gaskets from Fehr and I really like them, Along with their other trim pieces etc. as well

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