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69 straight 6

69 fire

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I just bought a 1969 1200a from Yellowstone National park.  This truck is setup as a fire pumper.  It has an IHC straight 6, but I can find anything about IHC using its own straight 6 in 69, everything I see is about the AMC 6.  Does anyone have info on what engine it might be?

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Your pickup is really a 68, it was just titled in 69. You have a BG series motor, there  is a stamp on the block that has the displacement, but in a 1200 it is probably a 265. They are good motors, but parts availability can be hit and miss.

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Thank you guys for your input.  This answers a lot of my questions.  The IHC tag on the door clearly states that it is a 1200A.  The hood and grill look nothing like the 69’s I have seen on line.  It does  look exactly like the 66 hoods and grills  I’ve seen online.  It only has 12016 miles and literally no rust.  The door plate said the straight 6 only makes 114 HP (140 gross HP) and it’s mated with a 3 speed, but it does have 4 wheel drive




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