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574 C-200 fuel pump

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This is not a post looking for info, just an informational post for future knowledge.

I have a 574 C-200 gas tractor, that I  had purchased last summer. Previous owner had put a new fuel pump on it, due to the tractor setting for a number of years.

I was using the tractor, and it shut off on me like it was needing gas. I thought maybe the pump had gotten plugged up with gelled gas and checked with NAPA. They said they had a listing for it, by cross referencing the IH numbers, 535682R91 & 404769R91 (one superseded the other), and I wound up getting an Airtex 40600 pump. This pump looked and actuated exactly like the one I had taken off. Problem was, after checking into it, it was not pumping any gas. Manually, it shot gas out no problem, bolt it to the block, nothing. It was as though the arm had too much free play for the lobe diameter on the cam.

I ordered one from IH, which was more than twice as much. After getting it, the two pumps look identical, but when manually actuating the arm, this pump would engage the diaphragm about a 1/4" sooner than the NAPA pump. Bolted it up to the block, and works like a champ.

So, if you need a fuel pump for your C-200, get it from IH. They are remanufactured, but seem to work just fine.

Left pump is IH. No markings on it. Other (2) pump's had numbers stamped on the sides of them.









Note the right side of the arm is pretty much vertical on the above picture of the Airtex pump, when it engages the diaphragm.


This picture is of the IH pump, and it picks up the diaphragm before it gets vertical. Not a lot of difference, but enough that it would not work.

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I had covered this in another post. From setting, the gas had turned into a substance like a black tar. Most out, thought there was still some in the main line.

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