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Case 585 engine balancer, continued

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So I managed to order the right engine balancer that will fit the D206 engine which someone previously put a D239 crank in, far as I can tell. But the balancer drive gear (ring gear) on the crankshaft is not lined up properly, i.e. with the #2 piston at TDC, there is a mark on the crankshaft flange where it should be (and there are no other marks on the crankshaft that could possibly reference the ring gear's positioning), but the dot on the ring gear is about 60 degrees away from that mark.  I'm like, does EVERYTHING ALWAYS have to be difficult??? My only explanation for this is that the ring gear somehow slipped on the crankshaft (there are no hairline cracks in it which would allow slippage) or was improperly installed to begin with.

From everything I've read and pictures I've seen, I'm going to just go ahead and assume the ring gear will not slip on me, and time it to the balancer as best I can. I'll put #2 at TDC, have the balancer weights bottomed out (engine is still on the tractor), and put 'er together. Actually, I can be even more accurate:  A single dot on the balancer driven gear is supposed to mesh between 2 dots on the ring gear (facing the rear of the engine). But on the front of the ring gear (centered precisely between the 2 dots on the back of it) is the single dot which was supposed to line up with the forward-facing mark on the crank. That means ... if I ignore the ring gear marks and line up the balancer with the mark on the crank (after painting or making a Sharpie dot on the front side of the same gear tooth as has the timing mark on the back), I'll essentially be where I would have been, doing it the "right way" under normal circumstances.

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If you have it at tdc with weights hanging at their lowest point that will work. I think the balancer rotates at twice engine speed. 
if you start breaking fuel lines and things start falling apart you’ll know you have it wrong!

I have pulled engines apart where balancers are one or two teeth out. Corrected them and you wouldn’t notice the difference.   Had a leyland tractor that would regularly fracture fuel lines and injector pipes. Balancer shaft had broken. Different machine once it was fixed. 

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2 hours ago, Dave T said:

Thanks England806; all advice and experience is helpful!

Isn’t that what is great about this forum. Lots of knowledge from many people

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