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1086 parts manual

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If you're looking for a free one, you're not going to find it. You'll have to purchase a manual from one of the many manual vendors that are out in the wild on the Internet, such as Peaceful Creek. Binder Books is another popular source of reprinted manuals.

I can't put my finger on the exact "why" sharing manuals is simply not done in the tractor collector culture. There are many good reasons though. First is you're undercutting businesses who make their livings selling manuals. Second is that digitizing a manual is a non-trivial effort; it takes lots of hours to carefully dissect a book, scan in each page, correlate them, and build a document. It's a lot of work and expense (scanner, software) to go through to simply give it away. Third are the potential copyright issues. I've been told that tractor manuals are in the public domain but somehow I don't believe that, and I've never found anything to support that... I still think they're copyrighted and the owners of the copyrights could decide to send a "cease and desist" or worse.

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7 hours ago, Ryan Labuschewski said:

Gday All,

just wondering who would have a parts manual for a international 1086, preferably a pdf version,


Ryan, I'm assuming you are looking for one for the Australian built 1086. If so maybe @Bermuda_Ken knows where to find one? 

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I've got the Operators manual from I can't remember where (an original), the Peaceful Creek version of the 1086 Service manual, (a Case IH version) as well as the Parts manual, then got a 2 volume set of eng. parts manuals from Jen sales (covering every IH eng. from Model 70 Hydro - 1566 thru  1486 - 436/466). It's the Eng. 5 manuals.

All I consider worth the money if you are at all serious about performing your own maintenance and repairs as I am. All I consider necessary if you have any intent on doing a job right, as opposed to doing it the gummint way, over and over and over expecting a different outcome each time you screw it up.... 

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A PDF manual is great since you can print out the pages involved with the specific repair, get them as dirty as you like and throw out reprint as necessary. But I still like to sit down after supper and read thru a manual and get a general idea of what I’m getting into before I walk out and tear into.  

YMMV, John

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