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I took the KT-17 out of mine, and put in a CH-18 Kohler.

I gave $400 for it from one of the parts vendors at Red Power 2020. It came with the wiring harness out of the donor tractor, and that was a lifesaver.

Install was not bad. Just had to drill new mounting holes in the base plate, and re-build the trans drive shaft. Wiring was by far the biggest challenge.

Exhaust pipe(s) had to be rebuilt too.

The tractor has about twice the H.P. it used to, and sounds like a Harley when it idles... (V-twin)  ?


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On 4/26/2021 at 12:44 PM, Mr. Plow said:

Bought an M15 (detuned M18) in a roller chassis for $150.....this spring.....just for the spare engine.

I'm told the M15 are 18 just like the M18 . I have a M15 in my 782 now also. My cousin said that another company was back ordered on 15 HP twin engines and Kohler said that they would be able to supply the 15 HP engine. They made 15 HP stickers and put them on Magnum 18 engines off the assembly line

I replaced the series II 17 that was a smoker when I got the tractor. 

@BoilerRed I haven't seen a running series 1 17 Kohler in years . Did pretty good getting one to last this long. I had 3 uncle's who all bought a new cadet when the red ones came out. Two 782s and a 682. 2 out of the 3 had series II engines put in under warranty I think even 

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Not pressure lubing the rod journals was the Kohler death sentence for the series I.

That said, when then went to full pressure lubrication on the Series II and Mag twins.....they built one heck of a good engine......some give them a bad rap compared to a Command, but I stand behind the old boxer twins as good solid, reliable work horses.....much less finicky than the Onans of the day and easier to work on.

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