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756 brakes


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hello guys

I was searching for remplace my brakes on the 756 and I found some kits with spings on it

But I don't have any spring on my brakes. Does it exist 2 differents mounting? My 756 serial number is #17871 (it is an early 1970 model; serial number starts at #17832 in 1970 according to tractordata)

You can see on the pics I haven't springs #10 but I have tubes #38.

Is it normal or d I need parts?

Thanks for your help!!!





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You will need to reset those tubes(adjusters) with snap rings on them when you put new disks in.

Check a manual but I think they need pushed back down so first snap ring is 3/4" from top.

I use a deep socket that fits over end but will push on snap rings. Use a bench vise to push them down.

Somebody chime in if I'm wrong on that measurement......been a while


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thanks for your replies

I check the operator's manual and didn't find anything about the snap rings. Perhaps it is on the workshop manual? If someone has it in informatics version... I'm interested



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