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43 halftrack restoration.

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That looks like quite a project. They sure look different once they are cleaned and a coat of paint on them.

Who made those things?

When I was a kid, the neighbor used to have some setting in his yard. Here in NW PA, the guys used to get them to use on the oil leases back in the woods. I don't recall any of them still around, maybe a track somewhere.

Good luck.

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Great job! Looking forward to the outcome on this one.



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I recall a half track that was in a junkyard some 35 years ago.

the yard owners had a hand crank holmes wrecker boom and a cutting torch set  installed on the track.

it was used to move parts/ cars in the yard during mud season.

 I thought it was the coolest thing going

 yard has long been closed, land where yard was now sits at the bottom of a reservoir.

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The IH halftracks and deuce and a halfs were apparently really liked and commanded premium prices after the war for construction,  logging and commercial uses. The axles and Red Diamond engines were better built than the others. This is a great project!

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Parts are available. Mostly in Europe. We fabricate anything we can. The tracks had pieces welded to the guides at some point. They must have been hardened pieces because they tore up the bogey hubs and other parts. We got original replacement wear plates for them. Tracks are available. Every few years someone makes a bunch of them and the price goes way down. They are kind of scarce right now so prices are high. I think its been about 20 years since Israel made any.

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