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Stupid steer caught up in trailer

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Cattle can do stupid things. 

A steer wanted to eat some grass below a trailer. So he stuck his head through the frame and took a  bite. That bite was good so he stuck a front foot between the frames and ate further in. All is good.

Then it tried to go further. His back leg slipped and he fell down with his his head and a front leg down in the frame.

Untold hours later he was found, neck and leg twisted through the frame with body on the ground. Somehow still alive.

We unloded the fuel tank off the trailer so we had room to work. Then we tried to get the head out but he was twisted to bad. So I took my crane and picked up the trailer in various ways trying to free him unsuccessfully. After alot of effort I went to the shop for the torch.

We cut the trailer up and get him loose but it's too late. He is still alive but unable to get up. He doesn't even try. His leg and I don't know what else is broken. It's terminal.



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Sorry for your misfortune it always hurts.

Found one caught with head in the fork of a tree. I had heard the commotion and went to investigate soon as I got there he took a step forward and was free.

Don't know if he would have stayed there and hung himself or not.

After a tornado tore through an old galvanized trash can with one side rotted out was found by a cow in our pasture. Don't know how long she had been wearing it but she had her head through the side I know she was thirsty by the time I got it off.

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