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1 minute ago, TractormanMike.mb said:

Maybe it's a springboard???

front portch


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30 minutes ago, jass1660 said:

Handicapped access for wheel chair bound guys.

We built one similar for Dad on an Allis 7045. 

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Yup. Had a book covering a lot of these adaptions . My uncle was paralyzed at 14 on a brand new Farmall 400 in February of '55 

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Now I see it, I guess I need to get out more. Come to think of it I was wondering what that tower thing was.

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My Uncle Don had a son born with spinal bifida.  He made a tricycle that was hand cranked so Dave could be like other kids and modified all kinds of yard tractors and vehicles to allow Dave to get around.

Dave's upper arm and body strength is amazing as he does it all with it.  When you shake his hand your his until he lets go.

Don is a very talented mechanical person.  He collects hit and miss, puts 351/auto into D2 Cat, and has several old tractors and equipment around the yard.  My 2 favorites would be his two Diamond T pickups.

Just to keep it red he's got a handful of these old IH trucks around the yard.  




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