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Changing to international 238 motor to 4BT cummins engine


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I'm changing out the International 238 engine in a International TD8 dozer. I'm told I can use a 4BT cummons motor to replace it. My 238 is a Turbo Diesel engine.

1 st. Does the 4BT non turbo motor the same internal parts as the 4BT turbo motor, so I can just add a turbo to it and have it work, or does it have different internal parts that will not take the extra power from the turbo?

2 nd. What are the adapters (bell housing, fly wheel and'or center bushing) I need to make the conversion from the International transmission to the the cummons motor, so I can hook up the flex palte to the new motor?

Any help is appricated.


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Most applications of the 239 did not use frame rails, a Cummins repower would require frame rails, or at least support to the front bolster.  We have looked into it and can build the adapter plate, flywheel, rails etc. But you MUST also use an internally balanced 4B and they are hard to find!  Bolted into a solid mount like a tractor the unbalanced 4B Cummins engine is pure hateful. Closest thing to compare it to would be to pick up a running chainsaw with your teeth.. There is also need for some fancy engineering to get the starter into the bell due to 4B block being wide at the wrong spots.

But if someone wants to do an install we are about to take the project on this summer

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I have 3 5.9BT engines

1.  From a Boat (Marine engine needs overhaul selling cheap)

2.  From a 1992 truck (early 5.9 which are almost bulletproof that needs very little)

3.  From a 1991 truck needs going thru but complete

4. I had a 4BT and sold it for $3000. It came from a Gradall forklift that was wrecked.

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