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2 point fast hitch

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I'm not 100% if I get your question correctly, but the standard fast hitch would be equivalent to a category 2. The small points on the 200s, 230s (I think that's right... someone can correct me I'm sure) would be equivalent to a category 1. the single point fast hitch would be like a category 0.

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cubs have extreemly small ones.

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Welcome "Tractor Boy 1", You will enjoy this Great Bunch of folks!!

I was raised on Fast hitch Equipment,  My Dad's Farmall 400 was on our farm in 1955, with what seemed like every thing "Fast Hitch" Delivered with the New Tractor.

A Mounted 4 Bottom plow,   10 foot disk,   rear cultivator,     7 foot back blade,     A "Carry all" flat bed platform,     9 foot Sickle bar mower, with an external PTO,  for the Pull behind crimper,   PTO driven side delivery Hay rake,    An adapter to convert, lift and pull 3 point equipment,  We also had a Mounted 2MH Picker,    I think that was a newer model of Fast Hitch attachment.  A few other short line Manufactures made Handy stuff for fast hitches.

When the New 706 Fast Hitch equipped arrived,   Those Fast hitch points looked Physically Larger,   But were the same size attachment points.

Our 826, 1026 were also Fast Hitch Tractors.

You May see larger Fast hitch points at an auction sale, our an estate sale, (Not Many Around anymore) Most is for Large Frame Tractors.

My 2 cents, Jim Droscha

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