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I may not get to farm

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But at least I got a great view that someone lets me disc the fire breaks and I get an old barn to keep my toys under cover. Its been a great day out on this 135 acre place. It’ll be housing very soon. 





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I hafta admit I'm a wee bit envious of you guys & gals out there where the ground tends to be a shade on the flatter side. I'm in a part of the country where HP rules and traction tires & snow chains are a must have. But ya make your choices and then ya gotta deal with the cards delt, even if they are all of the bottom of a crooked deck, ya got make what you got work the best you can. Yeah, I'm envious but then I think, Naaaah, where's the challenge in that...

 I have however, never in my life been able to understand why productive farmland is so readily bought up to build housing developments and malls on..... But then I remember it's the so called elite leaders, the movers & shakers of the country, that are the forces behind this nonsense. Lets see - increase the population - require more food be produced for said population - remove productive food production land from the equation - require more food production for an increased population on ever decreasing productive land - requiring more intensive application of fertilizers and chemicals of all types to increase said production - What Could Possibly Go Wrong? 

 Some of the ground and "obstacles" I've needed to remove from future grain ground, such as it is...... If you can even call it that.. The rest is so steep even cows give you that look  - You want me to go where? Are you sh****ng me? But the road to my joint isn't all that bad, it's only got (one) 1/4 mile grade thats 12 % ... Bwaaahaaahaaaa






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Yeah, that flat ground is always nice! Nice country in the last ones, even with all the rocks. I could live in a place like that.

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