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7 hours ago, N S said:

Thats the sad state of affairs of our so called "modern progressive world" in which we find ourselves. People anymore expect to be paid if you even ask them a question., such as what time is it? 

No thank you! I'll take the age when you helped someone, and especially neighbors, just cause it was the "RIGHT" thing to do.... No enumeration or payment of any kind was ever expected or required.... Look at the success of the Amish communities over the many years! Besides making you feel good even for a few minutes, when you look at the Biiiiiggg ledger book the Lord keeps track of all of us in, you'll find you got that green checkmark next to your name. And thats something. This is the beginning of the downfall of societies. But thats just my humble opinion..... 

You mean the age clearly shown in an old black and white photo I found in my father's  belongings.  A local farmer, for reasons unknown to me, was unable to till and plant one spring.  Picture shows what looks like every tractor in the county lined up after working a field for him.  Mostly M's and H's with a few Olivers, N series Fords, and JDs mixed in.

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You are a nice person.  I would have told him in person to pound sand. Also, I would never use his services again.  He sounds like a jackass who likes to take advantage of people. 

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