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Early spring pictures from our farm

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Since I've seen people posting pictures of their spring work.  I decided to post some pictures of our spring work so far. I didn't get any pictures of Chisel plowing this spring or of my brother discing the small tract of hay we put in. 

First part of March is when the pictures were taken of us hauling manure. Those pictures are at the beef cow lot.

Next 3 pictures are of our partial fencerow removal.  We had a company buying rocks off of us. Guy running the excavator asked if we wanted some trees pushed over. Said sure since we cut a lot of wood.  Got partially done but was getting late in the season so we stopped them with a handful of trees left. Probably get rid of them next winter. We plowed it up to smooth it out to work it. Spent 4 days picking rocks and a few left over roots. 

Next pictures are of us earlier last week drilling a 4 acre field of hay at my Cousin's farm ( uncle is selling it to her). Chisel plowed, dished, drilled and rolled again.  

Last 2 pictures are of me subsoiling some ground that we drove on cutting wood this past winter.















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