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Early Spring Tinkering

Farmall Nut

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Decided that the leaking gear lube and slipping clutch was due for repair. Of course one thing leads to another and nothing is as simple as just replacing seals..... 

Clutch, rear main seal, transmission input seal, belly pump drive seal. 73 years of nasty inside bell-housing along with 50 lbs of dirt dobbers nest that had the belly pump welded into place... Gotta love tar like crud. Got it bolted back together and checked clutch. All good. Filled it with 85/140. First time I’d been able to fill it to the full mark. Smiles.....Oh Crap!! Axle seals and PTO pouring a freaking river. Drained 10 gallons and order more seals and gaskets. Now it’s back together and not leaking. I did get to buy a parts washer and 10 gallons of purple power plus an engine crane which really helped with the  rear wheels. Clutch was into the rivets and all the seals were original chicago rawhide. Need to repack the fast hitch cylinder and the Gresen valve spools. Hopefully a paint job will be in its future. Picked up an extra set of rear weights for $60. Prob wait for the paint before installing those. That’s my Spring project. 

PS: Has anyone rebuilt one of these Gresen valves? Both spools drip.  







No oil leaks on floor this morning!








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21 minutes ago, TN Hillbilly said:

Is that original paint, do you think?

The guy I bought it from gave it a paint bomb 50/50. At 50’ and 50mph it looked pretty good. Not so much anymore. Every time it gets a bath it loses some paint. 

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Looks like a pretty good old tractor. Nice when we finally get around to something we been meaning to do for a long time. Always wonder why I waited so long after I get one of those lil jobs done.

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love the fast hitch and it could be adoped to many  Farmalls

I grew up when the fast hitch was (THE HITCH) when I look at how long it took us to get a fast hitch on a backhoe.......................I realize how far along IH was IN THE DAY

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3 hours ago, Tobaccoman said:

I'm curious where you got the brackets to mount the fast hitch on that M???

Good job on installing the hitch. 

Those brackets are M&W adapter plates made just for that purpose. Would be pretty easy to make with flat plate and a torch. They were on tractor when I got it. 

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