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Drag links inner and outer tie rod end

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Looking for drag link inner and outer tie rod ends. For a 350 utility diesel international. 
 Old ones have a 10° angle bent in the inner tie rod end. (Rear drag link)

the one that I can find has a 20 to 30 degree bent in it. Put the back one on at the steering box and you can’t get the front one to lineup. (6 to 8 inches different ). Can anyone give me a little help. Appreciate the information




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Parts Catalog seems to show the 20 - 30 degree which must be why the replacements you got are like that , are your front tie rod ends straight like the ones in diagram? 


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Looking at it more closely it says there were two possible drag link configurations.

The illustrated ones were made by Columbus Auto Parts and the part number for the rear drag link is 363 161 R92

The other configuration, which i'm guessing is yours was made by O and S Bearing and MFG. Co.  , the part number for that rear drag link is 365 853 R91

When i looked that number up on Steiner, they have part # ABC265 listed to replace both, but it's pretty clear from the picture that its the same part you bought, not the one you're looking for.  I've only ever replaced front tie rod ends on my 300U , hopefully someone else can help. 

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I am thinking i need the  O and S Bearing and MFG. Co. 365 853 R91  

The other Drag Link on page 244 is showing Clamps PT#5

Witch my 350 UD International has locking nuts not the CLAMPES  and the book does not show them

Old one on the left   New one on right witch has more of a angle on threaded side

Witch when putting it on the steering box side it will not line up with the other side because of to much of a angle on the rear Tie Rod

any one have any Suggestions or Information   thanks Robert




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