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How is the rod going through the engine that apparently opens the gas/sparkplug chambers interconnected tothe carbeurator shut off valve in the space between the engine block and the carbeurator?  I have good gas flow into the carbeurator as shown by opening the drain valve, and the valve into the plug area is opening as proved by the added compression when the compression release lever is closed.  Can't see how the rod coming through the engine is connected to the shut off valve in carbeurator.  Can feel and see the spring, but not the connection. Is there a print showing this?  The tractor started easily, but after sitting through rainy period no longer seems to be getting gas.  




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It sounds like your setup is similar to the ones on my -14 & -14A.  If so here's an idea on what to look for.  On one print, #21 fits on #22.  It moves when the switchover from gas to diesel lever is moved.  When #21 is connected to #51 of the second print, #13 will open & close.  If you don't see those parts, see if there are two rods going from the back of the carburetor through the dash.  One is the choke & the other one is probably a mechanical shutoff for the float valve.  I have one of each setup.




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