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TD5 project

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Hey all I picked up this TD5 and most of a parts machine a few months ago and have been working on  it quite a bit . So far I have adjusted the steering clutches , replaced the head gasket and repaired the leaking radiator , replaced the pump shaft seals changed all the fluids and filters  , been working on the winch and fixing up the loader frame from the parts machine. Here are some pics of the machine and some of the progress I have made so far .looking forward to getting this machine up to decent running condition and I’m sure I will have many questions for the IH experts on this forum 









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7 hours ago, Moodnacreek said:

Well I see there are still a few good old boys around. How is that crawler in the snow? When I ran in snow sometimes the tracks would tighten up and I was always afraid of damaging the final drives.

the crawler works pretty good in snow I didn’t have any issues with snow packing on the inside . But on any ice or side hill the triple grouser pads just slip 

29 minutes ago, hardtail said:

Looks like you found a hole?

Got some serious fab work underway 

Ya I found a soft spot ! I have a lot of welding repairs to do on this machine . the crawler I believe must have rolled down a mountain at some point the boom has been welded and the loader frame cracked and welded many times  as well as the canopy , a lot of the repairs look like someone was learning to weld at the time . I attached a picture of the loader frame currently on the crawler you can see why I want to fix it ASAP



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Made some progress today pulled the bucket , tilt cylinders and boom cylinders , removed the boom and started removing the loader frame but got hung up on the last two Bolts I can’t shake them with my impact I’ll have to get back under with my 3/4 ratchet and a cheater pipe . Anyway here’s some more pics 





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Well I got a chance to work on the crawler today . Ground out the bucket pin bores and made some bushings out of schedule 40 1 1/4” pipe , built up the out of round with a bit of weld and welded the bushing into place . Repaired some other minor cracks and prepped for paint . Need a couple coats of paint tomorrow and I can get the boom mounted 







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I’m happy with how the bores came out , fairly straightforward repair simply built up with weld and ground out with a cylinder shaped grinding stone while holding it as square to the boom as I could and when I was happy with the shape of the bore I drove in the bushings and welded them into place . My only concern is the pipe I used is quite soft and will wear quickly but for my use around the house it should last long enough. Here’s a pic of the grinding stone I used and a pic of the bucket pinned up and shimmed with a thick 1 1/4 washer . More pics to come I have been working hard on the machine for a few days . 



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Never saw those before. Thanks td 5 for the post and photos. 20 years ago I had a machine shop do my log loader pins. They bored , in the shop, welded pipe in like you did, bored that to press in o.e.m. hard bushings and hard o.e.m. pins. Then hard shim washers and keep full of synthetic grease. A lot of work and money but it has lasted under hard use.  

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Ok guys here’s some progress got the boom / bell cranks / links painted and put back on , got the bucket pinned up it’s really nice to operate now that those pins are tight . Even put it to work backfilling an ditch and the machine worked great . Still would like to paint the right side fender / hood and control valve but I have a leak to fix first . Also I dismantled my parts machine and crated up and palleted the parts 






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Great to see all the hard work there!  Ooh, those 'welds'... 

Down here in South Africa I grew up with the Afrikaans (derived from Dutch) word for weld as 'sweis'.  There is also another local word used 'brand', which means fire, and is usually associated with very inferior efforts at welding, more like bodging...  Usually guys that got a welding machine, and they would experiment on any piece of metal to improve their 'swallows-nest-building' technique!

So, to sum up, you inherited a realy 'fired up' T5 there, but you're turning it into something far better!



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Hey all it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything . Been busy putting the little crawler to work this summer and it has exceeded my expectations! So far I have pushed in a road into the back of my place to access an area that I dug out into a “gravel pit “ or borrow pit depends on what you would call it . Moved approximately 100 yards of gravel from there and built a road for gravel trucks into the back of my property (swamp). I made an arrangement with a few local contractors doing a housing development in my area and have brought in around 200 loads of material so far and spread it out and packed it down with the TD5 . A few days ago a gravel truck was stuck and I hooked into it with the crawler and pulled him out and in the process I lost  almost all the drive to the left side track . Opened it up and found 6 out of 7 frictions had the splines torn out or were busted in half . I ordered a set of bimetallic frictions and a new pressure plate from steeringclutch.com . While I am waiting for the clutches I cleaned the housing and replaced the throw out fork shaft bushings and the pinion oil seals . Will keep posting as I complete the repairs









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If anyone on here is interested I started a YouTube channel and am making a video series on rebuilding the TD5 . This forum has been great for advice and inspiration for my project here a link to my latest video 


thanks guys ! 


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