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Hey Art.......do you remember?

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The IH parts warehouse in downtown Council Bluffs? I was in there once with dad back when I couldn't see over the counter. Today the building is high $$$ condos. I know the woman who led the investor group that converted it to condos after it had set empty and in disrepair for 30+ years. I told her to save the name on the building. Don't know if she listened to me or not, but you can still (sort of) see the "International Harvester" painted on the side. I'll try to get some pictures.

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No, I do not, possibly because my Dad had exactly NO IH machinery, therefore removing the need for IH parts.

But, I do remember coming down from Missouri Valley through Loveland, Honey Creek and Crescent, past Jennie Edmundson Hospital, where  I left both my tonsils and appendix, past Omaha Standard, past the amusement park, where I rode a roller coaster for the ONLY time in my life, and across the bridge into Omaha.  We would drop off my Mom and my sister at Brandies downtown, go out on Dodge past Boys Town, to Elkhorn then down to Gretna to his, his brothers, and sister's farms for the day, and then pick up my Mom at the Greyhound bus station on the way back home.  At the time, you could get stuck for a LOOOONG time while waiting for trains going thru, and being switched at the C&NW yard in Missouri Valley, and Crescent was, and may still be home to the 'ski slopes of Iowa.

But I do know where the John Deere and Minneapolis Moline parts warehouses were in Omaha, the John Deere warehouse being very close to the Butternut Coffee roasting plant (with its water tower on the roof painted like a Butternut Coffee Can), the Omaha Union Station, and the underpass under the railroad track, which always gave me a thrill when my Dad would honk the car horn and then listen to how the sound was amplified.

When I-29 was ended and you had to drive south on the regular city street to the main street in Council Bluffs, I remember the McDonald's that sat on the corner, and being turned down when I wanted to eat there (It was 'too expensive for what you got) and the Ford dealer which set pretty much across the street, and I remember them having a used 1963 1/2 Galaxy with a 406, or was it a 427, which even at that time, I wanted.

Only in 1966 or 1967 did my Dad buy any IH implements, a #8 3 X 16 plow that he bought at a farm sale, and an IH 310 rotary shredder that I had found at the IH dealer in Onawa. 

We NEVER crossed the Mormon Bridge,  I think because it was a toll bridge, and every now and then, we would cross at the South Omaha Bridge, and what I remember there was the Nebraska fuel tax entry there.

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52 minutes ago, Art From Coleman said:

and Crescent,

When I was fairly young and we lived in Scribner, dad would take me there to snow ski.

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Yep still there. For those not from here, Mt Crescent is just a tall hill in the Loess Hills of Iowa. What they don't mention is that if you are standing at the bottom and look west, you can see for 30 miles or so because it is as flat as a pool table.

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