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I tuned my 1066 last year to pull and put big injectors, cranked up the fuel, 3lm turbo, upgraded all trans and TA. But this year they put up the speed limit to 12 mph and I’m done messing around. I’m going to build it through the roof looking for around 600 or 700 hp. I’m not looking to lose and making sure their isn’t a tractor that will beat it. So if 700hp isn’t enough I’ll go 1000. It’s an endless bank account so I’m open for whatever

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12 hours ago, TheIntimidator1066 said:

 It’s an endless bank account so I’m open for whatever

Please send some my way!  😉

Good luck with your endeavor.  The search for more horsepower is a great way to find the true meaning of endless! 

Just for asking what class do you want to run in?  Other on here are way more versed than I on this, but need to know the basic rules to point you in the correct direction.  

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IF you can run a bigger turbo, I would update to at least GT42, add water injection, and bigger pump.  1000 HP should be easy.  I am running 466 that deno over 1400 hp.

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I would start updating from back of the tractor:  Do rear end, then Atlas max transmission, crower clutch, cage, clutch blanket, tie bars and then do you engine.  You will have safe tractor to drive.  Good luck

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