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Question on hydraulic/hydrostatic fluid change interval

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My neighbor asked me to do routine maintenance on his JD compact tractor (3038e) - oil, filters, lube, general check over. I looked through the owners manual and was surprised to see the recommended interval for changing the hydraulic fluid and filters was 400 hours. I’m not that familiar with hydrostatic transmissions but thought it was a bit low.

 I’m definitely going to change it (only 5.5 gallons and I’ll use JD fluid) since the tractor has 1450 hours on it and it lives outside.

Is this a normal interval or a JD thing?

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With that low of a capacity it's wise to change rather than work on it. Moisture in the fluid over time is one of the worries and this should help combat that issue

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Is that for every time, or just the first?  Alot of Deere's I have seen have the first one for the rear around that, then its greater after the first.  For example, I have a good customers 5065E here that I still do service work for right now................First engine oil change is @ 100 hrs and then its 250 after that.  Has 101 on it right now and is 5 years old:rolleyes:  

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