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Clutch shims on pressure plate ??

wild one

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 I am replacing the clutch on my Ford 7740 and the old pressure plate had shims between it and the flywheel. The replacement clutches mostly seem to come without this shim set, but some come with shims and say to use included shims. This is a flat flywheel so I suppose the shims make up for resurfacing the flywheel, but I am a little confused on which way to go. Also some disc come without damper springs and some with???

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Not sure what is going on here but I overhauled a lot of pressure plates when one could get the parts from IH.

There was a special fixture that I used to set the fingers for each particular tractor.

I would test the springs, replace the wear surface if needed and the backing plate, if PTO splines worn.

This was setting the pressure plate correctly for the tractor.

A shimmed pressure plate means it is not right for that tractor unless shimmed out.

I would look for another pressure plate unless Ford showed, in the book, this is how it's done.


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