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Yeah....you can get lower cost ones on amazon etc.  But from my experience Tiger lights (that mike sells I believe) and Larsen lights are worth the $.  Way higher quality and nicer light.  The "good cheapies" online seem tonhave gotten cheaper and the good good ones better.

I had luck with kawell but then after 5 years the new one lastes 6 weeks.  The 5 yo ones are still going.  Exzit i have tried on the loader.  Seeeem a better...made it 6_8 months now and the wettest winter in years.  

But the Tiger/Larsen are for sure higher grade.  Heavier, brighter, cleaner light, no radio static etc

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Look fairly stock in my opinion. Can get flood beam or trapezoid beam. I did fender and front lights along with rear work/tail light. 



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x2 on Mikes we got one 5088 with everything led from him and man they are so much nicer than stock i'm going to start slowly changing the flashes out on the rest because we rarely run after dark but we do move farm to farm often.

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