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td9 how to adjust hand clutch ,machine slips can hold back clutch handle and it stops slipping

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The hand clutch is a "over center"  so yes a little tighter before it rocks over the center. It needs to be adjusted. But I never got inside one to adjust. But all brands of dry clutches in the crawlers are similar. 

So find the clamp bolt and loosen, put it in any gear, the turn the linkage to put more pressure on the clutch plate. You need a service mans book. You can buy from  Binder book or maybe Peaceful Creek( they are newer and getting good reviews on here) I think it is. You might try the website for Generally Gear, they started with used crawler parts and have gotten into after market steer clutches, have been adding service books you can see online. 

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Do as Ray said, General Gear has service manuals you can download. The operators manual is also good, it shows the lubrication points, general daily service points and operating procedures. While you are in there grease all the fittings including the ones for the brake pivot shafts, you will need a light to find those.

IH TD6 TD9 engine clutch adjustment.jpg

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Don't use a hammer. The adjusting ring has raised lugs on it, take a bar or large screwdriver and use it between the serrations on the plate and a lug to turn the adjusting ring. You will have to rotate the engine flywheel little by little as you turn the adjusting ring in to line up with the next lug.

IH TD6 TD9 clutch.jpg

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