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510 loader on a 1466?

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I've been offered a 510 loader in good shape, but am wondering if it will fit on my 1466?  All of the mounting brackets are there, too. 

Thanks for your input.

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Actually, it might be possible with less work than you might think.

The 510 fits the 5XXX series Maxxums, right? When Dad built the brackets to put the 2350 (which fits the 1466) on the 5120 Maxxum, he used a stock set of 2350 rear brackets, just relocated 3 of the holes.

The frames are the same width so if you can get the 510 brackets mounted on the frame rails of the 1466, the loader should pop right on.

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Oh, Matt, that's the best news I've heard all day!  My friend and I were talking after church last night and I asked him about this loader in question sitting in front of his shop and he allowed that it was all there and for me to come look at it.  I did this afternoon and it looks in very good shape, aside from sitting outside for the last ten years or so on another friend's junked tractor.  He says the cylinders are clean with no rust but that some of the hoses are wearing, and he was right, but that's no big deal for a loader in good shape!  

I can't wait to get it tomorrow and put it on.  


Thanks, partner.  I appreciate it.





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16 minutes ago, Cliff Neubauer said:

This appears to be factory brackets on an 806.  I built my own for a 1066 and the loader fits the tractor nicely.



Looks great on your 1066. Looks like you have a place to hang weights yet even

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