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966 differential lock excessive play?

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Working on the brakes on my 966, on the right side I had to remove the differential lock assembly.  When I pulled the outer cover off, I noticed that the whole assembly seemed to be really loose on the bull pinion shaft.  The shaft splines don’t seem to be worn excessively.  Is this normal for these, or do I have something going wrong.  It wasn’t making noise, and last time I used it, it worked perfectly.79ECE894-4EDD-4392-9653-D3A172C65967.thumb.jpeg.3dec958d6c6a2c700b1c5de99ee37380.jpeg4E7F2630-FA3A-4C1F-AA14-29F723EF8FE9.thumb.jpeg.c7840fe35eb6cd1bdd4f96da7df649e4.jpeg

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I resealed the diff lock, and reassembled it with new snap rings and shimmed it using a couple of shims from McMaster Carr.  I just didn’t like how the whole assembly had so much up/down play that it was hitting the inside of the cover(see photo).  The right to fix it would’ve been to get a new diff lock housing but it’s NLA. Anyways now it only has about .005” slop in it with the shims, should last quite a few more years.

      Just an FYI type of thing in case someone else ever comes across this!





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