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B414 Power steering

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Hello from Scandinavia!

I have old B414 with loader and got frustrated with the steering and ended up converting it to hydraulic.

I was wondering would anyone be interested to hear more about the project?

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Ok, let's keep the story short:

Used parts:
- Danfoss 80cc open center orbitrol (from Clark forklift)
- steering cylinder (from Clark forklift)
- Saginaw hydraulic pump (from Peugeot car)
- customized steering column (from Peugeot car)
- additional v-belt pulley added to water pump
- rod end and part of the steering arm extension (from Belarus)

Steering is now very light and fast enough. One finger is enough even when there is 1m^3 firewood on the loader.
I drilled power steering pump orifice a little bit larger to make sure there is enough volume.









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1 hour ago, Power of Red said:

Great work.  This is exactly what i wanted to do to mine.  

Thank you for sharing.  Al

Let me know if you have any questions, I'll gladly help if I can.

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