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Freshening up my son's Farmall Cub

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My son loves old tractors as much as I do, so last spring I bought him a 1948 Farmall Cub. It was at a local John Deere dealership, when I stopped in and asked about it they said it ran but it had to be pull started. They basically said they didn't know why it wouldn't start and they just wanted to get rid of it as is. I had them pull start it and it didn't sound to bad and both the touch control and pto seemed to be in good working order so i bought it for him. 

When we got it home I took a look at it and realized it had a 12 volt battery hooked up as a negative ground but still had the original 6v negative ground system, minus the generator which was missing. I put in a 6v battery and was able to get it started. After replacing the carborator, it ran fairly well and my son spent all summer and fall driving it around the yard.

But it did not respond to the throttle like it should and when you would try and work it hard like when using a cultivator it would stall out too easy. My first thought was that the governor is not working proporly, but we decided to tear into it and inspect things more throughly before rebuilding the governor. While we were at it my son wanted to paint it so he would have a nice ih red tractor instead of a faded burnt orange. 

The day we brought it home and my Isaac driving it around last summer.IMG_0704.JPG.c056652727fd89714adc1fbf35860110.JPGIMG_0871.JPG.0362433d631c73e0641a90ab24f940c8.JPG

Tearing it down.


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After tearing into it we found that the valves were all out of adjustment and the manifold had holes rusted all the way through on both the bottom and back side. I am interested once we get it all back together to see how fixing that improves its peformance. 

Once we got it apart we started cleaning everything up.


After cleaning everything as best we could we gave it a coat of primer.


And paint.IMG_1136.JPG.6e06c88580d570f08e6204538d7e81b9.JPGIMG_1139.JPG.a0e5cc68c9886da302f2baeddc030464.JPGIMG_1137.JPG.7c42b2a1a0d0f3b357095b4d1620be52.JPG

We have the tractor about half painted and hop to finish painting and apply the decals next weekend. We will then wait a week and give it a clear coat. Then it will get a new tune up kit and go back together.



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good for you and sons continuing interest !

dont let him take any setbacks to heart.

would hold off on $$$$ more paint, use for a month and start fixing again

get back with a compression test, proper USA carb,and the $75 part to repair 80% of governor issues if that s it

most cubs need the gov bearing, but by then are also totally tired as they were only intended to last 10 yrs at garden work,where hauling and mowers wear them fast

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We we are finally finishing up our project. The tractor is back together, mechanically all we did was adjust the valves, change the manifold, and give it a tune up with new plugs and wires, but it is running really nice. We are hoping to have a chance to work it hard soon to get the garden ready. I think Isaac's youngest brother is a little envious.


isaac tractor 1.jpg

isaac tractor 2.jpg

Isaac tractor 4.jpg

Isaac tractor 3.jpg

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Well, Isaac got to test out his tractor in the garden a little bit today before the rain came. It ran well and he was pretty excited. I don't know if he enjoys uses it or working on it more. We plan to use it to work up the garden when we are ready to put the garden in in an a few weeks. 



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