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Brillion Till 'N Seed BPSB-6


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Just to be clear, I have never run one of those types of seeders.  But I want and and have for years.  Just can't justify the price for the amount of use it would likely get.  I've looked them over extensively, both in person at shows, in video of them operating, and thought parts pictures and engineer drawings.  I've been around the farm my whole life and ran do many different pieces of equipment through the years, you kind of get a feel for tillage equipment and how it would perform.  Although, sometimes things can fool you.  I think that seeder would be the cats meow for seeding already tilled, and do a very fine job in existing sods.  I would definitely buy one.  Although, I might shop different brands.  I think Landoll owns all the makers of those seeders, might be a price difference in the Brillion vs the Land Pride. 

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