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B414 rear axle oil seal

Grassfarmer 75

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Hey was wondering does anyone have the updated part numbers for the rear axle seal and felt ring. I can order them through Case/Ih but the dealer isn’t close by (about 100 miles away). The places I’ve looked online don’t bring much up with my original part numbers. The dealer told me it was updated but didn’t give me the number. 
#703 917 R92 oil seal

#703 915 R1 felt ring 


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Looking at my book that I record my maintenance in, I have the rear axle felt as #703915r1 and the rear axle seal as 703917r92, however, for some reason I also wrote # 100541 Next to the axle seal number ( didn’t write any notes as to why).  The gasket number is 711197r1, although now I just use permeatex,  The Right Stuff instead of gaskets.

i replaced these parts in 2015  axle housing needs to come off and shaft needs to be pressed out in order to Replace gasket.  a lot more involved (hydraulic housing needs to be lifted off) to my surprise, than the 504 utility I had done a year or two before (take wheel off, loosen 4 bolts for axle plate, replace seal).

I have had limited success with finding skf number interchanges and often have to resort to buying seals from the dealer instead of NAPA.  Great tractors though, much better design, in my opinion, than other ih tractors of the same class

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