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TD5 winch gearmatic 8a

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Hey all I have recently acquired a TD5 series B crawler with a Drott  skid shovel and skid grapple attachment. I have been able to find manuals for the crawler and the loader but not for the 8a gearmatic winch that’s on the back . I would really like to get the winch working as I plan on using this machine to clear a fence line/backfill some low areas on my 5 acres . If anyone has a manual or knows where I can buy/ download one that would be great 

thanks a lot 

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3 hours ago, TD5Jordan said:

Thanks I have checked the website and they don’t have the manuals for the 8a . If anyone else has a source for this that would be great ! 

I would give them a call or e mail.  Never know unless you ask.  Product support # 918-259-3315.  Tell them what you are up to, what you have and what it is on.  Good luck.  Let us know what you find.


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TD5 Jordon

I have a complete manual on the 8A gear matic winch, It covers operation, disassembly, rebuilding, trouble shooting, complete parts break down and all original part numbers.

There mailing address was 7400 - 132nd street, North Surrey, B.C., Canada.

If you still need one I could make a copy and send to you


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Hey guys I was able to find a manual for a gearmatic 19 online and found its very similar to the 8a . Have almost got the 8a operational just need to extract one busted off fitting and re assemble . I was able to source wheel cylinder cups seals from a local auto parts store and rebuild the master/slave cylinders . 


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