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420 Plow/ General plow questions

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1 minute ago, J-Mech said:

We have to dig 20 feet or more to find rocks like that, and even then it's not common.  Nothing unusual about digging a basement or pond and never finding anything. 

Due to no-till they are no longer the problem they were pre 1980s. Also out of the 500 acres i farm only about 30 have these type of rock. They are referred to as "fast rock" cause they are fastened to the soil and not moved by any tillage tool. As tillage tools changed through the years some of the smaller ones were pulled up by rippers and such. most require a backhoe or excavator and some even they won't extract. Some a bigger hole was just dug beside and they were rolled deeper, they would be buried anyhow. Most farmers have a small portion of their land with type of stones. We all have football/basketball size on down that surface yearly that we pick off the top on most land in this area. Tillage keeps bringing them up. Once we get em cleaned up no-till leaves the rest buried

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Mike at Duffield Equipment LLC, (717)552-1951, should be able to fix you up on coulters and shanks.  Your favorite Parts Depot man can get you the deep suck shares from Parts Depot, Chilton, WI.   PM me if you want to use my source.  Word to the wise on the shares:  some are 3 bolt and some are 4 bolt.  They have different part numbers.

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