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Solar panel advice..........


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Do lots of homework before you bite the bullet. Solar is more expensive than grid power no matter how you look at it. Unless it's the only choice.

Consider that solar panels are dirty to build, taking lots of fossil fuels to produce them.

Most are made in chinklandistan.

They do have a limited life, even 50 years is a limited life.

They only work in direct sunlight as they are advertised, most being only around 85% efficient.

 They do work in indirect sunlight, as long as it's light they work, but to a much lower efficiency, as in winter.

 Unless you can augment them with grid power you'll need plenty battery banks for nighttime & cloudy day use. 

Not that it can't be done, but as I said - Do your research & homework before. 

My situation when I built my crappy little place was better suited for Solar.

Power was 800ft. away, could only be run underground, needed a right of way to access it, had to meet PUD/power companies building codes, when paid for and installed they would own it clear up to the meter box 800 ft away. In short, paying them for the privilege of building their power line.

 I opted for Solar - PUD/power co was right at $60,000, solar was $14,000 - I don't use that much juice but need to rely on Gen power for air comp, welder, etc. type tools.

And I need to augment on a daily basis (1-2 hrs ) a day during 4 months of winter when the panels get zero direct sun. But coming thinning of some trees will help that this year. And then my well went dry.....

 So there you have it from one who was stuck with that choice.... Good luck with it whatever decision you chose.

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my cousin just bought two setups here in MO mounted on his house/barn - the REC assessed his consumption - his cost out of pocket = 26000 - minus tax credit

his system is only putting energy back into the grid to help compensate for his usage. The REC here designs the system size around your consumption as if you were on a budget billing plan lets say 200/month. SOOOoooo the only time you would ever build up a surplus of credit is if we had some weather that would change the consumption of energy. He paid a lil extra for a slightly oversized system to help cover the change in power costs during the lifespan of the system. 

He will be dead in 30 yrs most likely so its moot and someone elses problem like most of us. 

At the calculated rate of consumption/credit and costs of system - he/his accountant figure it will take 12 yrs to break even on it if prices do not change and his consumption doesnt change and nothing breaks. He is NOT allowed to tap into the system to charge any batteries or have any supplemental power hooked up to his system. He does not receive any $$$. The REC does NOT pay you back for the extra power you generate and put back into the grid, they only give you CREDITS in wattage consumed vs wattage generated. 

IF you want a wind/solar/water generating system you can tap into to power your home/buildings and use the energy off the system you are not allowed to be connected to the power on the pole and switch back/forth. 


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I can't tell you what is the best system----but I can show you a resident that works.

Several years ago I spent some time with my BIL in Heber Az----he had a friend in the area that had a "summer home" near by.  This property was completely surrounded by Apache/Segraves natural forest---the only connection they had with the outside world was a cell phone.

This property was an sheep ranch a 100 yr ago.  It has been refurbused and moderized for todays life styles.  There is a large main house,  a small guest cabin and a modern house trailer for the caretaker----all powered by solor panels.   For their water system ther is a large storage tank on a hill above the main house---once a week a diesel powered pump is started to fill the tank.   Of course this is in Az so there is no shortage of sun to power the panels.











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