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NooB here, Hello. McCormick 10-20 bread

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Hey guys. Kinda new over here. Joined a while ago never posted much. Looking at making an addition to my collection (21 tractors isn’t enough I guess)...  


What can you tell me about this McCormick 10-20 from these pics? It’s not a model I’m real familiar with but one that always caught my interest at shows and now I have a chance to own one. 

I am assured it runs, I turned the crank a few degrees easily (I didn’t want to turn it over without checking for stuck valves). I saw it outside two years ago and am told it drove itself into the barn. Looks fairly complete, it’s an older restoration so it’s not original and I’d probably restore it again as I’m not ruining any original patina. 

Any opinions on a reasonable market value? Again I’ve never bought any similar models so I really have no idea. I did see one in a field missing parts for $250, another complete but seized and outdoors asking $1200. I have no doubt this is worth a bit more, but no idea how much. I have several Fordson and their value has increased in the last few years. Somewhat similar tractor if not more rare (here anyways). 

Your thoughts are appreciated 









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For you interest is a big part of any thing, most all the 10-20s I see have no paint on them. I rebuilt a water pump for a guy he was really to old to work on his tractor any more. This one your showing  complete on steel wheels $2000.00, it's not doing any good setting there take it home and service it up, try it out and see what you think?



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I think $2000 would be a reasonable offer however I have a feeling he’s probably got a larger number in mind... I’ve done some restoration work on another project that’s turned out to be far more involved than first anticipated, that may factor in. All I can do is make a reasonable offer and go from there I guess. I don’t think he’ll be offended with a reasonable starting offer...  Always liked the McCormick steelies...

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I guess now that you have looked, and your all excited to buy ?  ?  ?    ask the owner for a price?&$ to see where he is at??  ? fine out what's going to work. Lets see the wheels are worth $1000 the fenders are worth $500 you get the rest for $500.00 ☺️ as is not running?  Mount some rubber on the steel wheels and you could drive it right threw town in the parade.


Money is no object, getting it is the object $ 

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Around here i have seen previously restored but stuck for sale for around 1000 iirc. They are not worth a whole bunch from what I recall seeing advertised in my area. Im thinking 2 to 3000 tops in running restored cond. I might be off a lil one way or the other but in ball park.  Definitely  cool and if I had the shed space and play money I would have had one of those I saw. Most folks are in same boat I guess. 

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I think $2000 is more than fair for that tractor in non-running condition.  I would be more like $1000, because of all those unknowns, as you've already mentioned.

Just aren't as desirable as they were a few years ago, that generation of collectors is aging out.

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Here in central Iowa that tractor you showed MIGHT bring a grand in running condition at a decent sized auction. 10-20's are not hard to find and remember that they made about 215,000 of them so there isnt a shortage. Offer 800 bux for it

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