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82 Indy Super Pull, SS


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Got through dinner, now I got to the SS side of it.

If you have never gone to an indoor SS pull in the middle of winter, it's interesting. They have a sucker system that usually worked, but sometimes it didn't. Always get seats down low.

I hope you enjoy them.

1) This D21 named "Big Thunder", I could not find any info on. I thought it may have been Ken Brabec, but I think his D21 had a different name. Anyone?

2) Dennis Brabec with the "Country Dude" AC from Laurens, IA. Always the one to beat in the light class.

3) Bret Berg from Rosemont, MN, with his 1086 "Not A Nuff". Bret was always tough in the #7500 class. In the background is the tractor of Bill Berg, "Never A Nuff" who usually run the unlimited class.

4) And of course, the "Rooster" of Danny Dean from S. Charleston, OH.

5) Oh yea. This was still in the day before self propelled transfer machines, hence the pull back tractor, in there somewhere.

6) On the left in the cowboy hat is Ed Johnson, NTPA announcer for the 70's and to the mid 80's. Always knew what to say about the pullers with a good story or a good word. Not sure who he is interviewing.

7) Esdon Lehn from Dayton MN, with the "Red Line Fever" under power.

? Why is it, every time I try to do the number 8, it comes up with this guy?

9) I could not find anything on this tractor either. It is the "Movin On" of Gamble & Janke of Winside, NE.?

10) This guy seemed to show up each year, too many diesel fumes.

11) The "Rattler" from Rattle and Snap Farms, Columbia, TN.

12) This is why you get low seating.

13) Bert Stauffer from Ephrata, PA, on his Deutz 8006


Braebeck Bros.jpg

Bret Berg.jpg

Danny Dean.jpg

Diesel Boogers.jpg

Ed Johnson.jpg


Gamble & Janke.jpg




Stouffer Bros.jpg

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I don’t remember that much smoke but I can remember watching ceiling tiles getting blown out at Louisville in the late 90s without much of a smoke catcher.  Nice pics!

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12 hours ago, Duntongw said:

12) This is why you get low seating.





Used to go to the pull at the American Royal in KC early - mid seventies.  Smoke tubes hadn't been invented yet.  Burning eyes and stinky clothes.  Good times.


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